Best Bikes for Ladakh (leh)

Ladakh has one of the dangerous roads in the world. One should very careful while driving across the trip. Narrow roads with big Army trucks coming all the way. So which bike would be the best for the trip? 

It was month of June when I went to the Ladakh. It was a Dry/Sunny day. I choose Bajaj AVENGER 150 cc for me. It was very bad experience with the bike. It started swinging on the top of the mountains. Whenever Army crosses me it starts misbalancing. It gave me the lack of confidence all the time. Where as my friend choose Royal Enfield HIMALAYAN He was very happy with the bike.

My suggestion choose higher cc or heavy weight bikes. or if you are short but you are heavvy then you may go with Avenger or other cruise bikes.

  1. Royal enfield bikes (bullet, classic 350 cc or 500cc, himalayan etc,
  2. Bajaj Pulsars
  3. super bikes