Shimla – Himachal Pradesh, INDIA – wonderful experience

Shimla-what a beautiful experience it was

I boarded Shatabdi express from Delhi to kalka. From their I transferred myself to toy train which goes to Shimla. It was my first time experience in toy train and I must tell you it was amazing, I could see the scenic beauty of the valley from window, trees covered with snow and land covered with thick snow in addition to that the small stations on the way had its own personal charm, it felt like another world, far from stress and city life. Hill stations always manage to give me peace. I have been to a lot of hill stations, but Shimla gives a different English connection.

kufri shimla

how to reach shimla

You can directly take a volvo bus fro delhi, its cheap and convenient as well. It takes approx seven to eight hours to reach shimla from delhi.

I went by train, for train journey you can board shatabdi express from new delhi railway station. They have AC chair accommodation. after 5 hours you will have to deboard this train at kalka station and transfer yourself to himalayan queen toy train,yes a pretty cool toy train. if you have never been in a toy train and want to enjoy its journey i suggest you should plan your trip accordingly in december or january when the snow is at its full.its just mesmerizing to look at the beautiful valleys and trees, land and roofs covered with snow. Its just worth the money spent.

you can order food online at, the food will get delivered to you at respective station on time ,probably you will get it at solan station. you can also get light snacks to eat in small stations on the way. the train does not stop for long. i suggest you preferably order it because i got very hungry midway. from kalka it will take 5 hours to reach shimla. in total it will take 10 hours to reach shimla by train whereas it just takes 8 hours to reach by bus. choice is yours. also the stations from kalka are very neat and clean, you would hardly get to see such beautiful and clean stations elsewhere.

where to stay in shimla.

This topic troubles a lot of tourists as in online bookings youb dont get to have much idea about the location and distance from the main city. many hotels ted to have very bad locations but good rooms. i suggest you should look out for both location and service of the hotel because it does matter where you are taking  hotel in shimla. as you will find no auto rickshaw to take you to famous mall road and other tourist spot. also there are steel slopes or stairs everywhere and trust me you will get tired most of the time.

so it would be better to book a hotel in main city or somewhere where you can get taxi easily. else you will have to carry your heavy luggage all by youself all the way on steep road or stairs, trust me i got really tired because taxi was not able to drop me off at my hotel. i would suggest you can look for hotels near church area or lower bazaar area. you wont get it in the main mall road location but please try to search nearby only. the crowd is more lively there and you will have good options for food and shopping.

Places to see at shimla

  • kufri
  • Mall  Road
  • The ridge
  • Church
  • Hanuman temple by rope way
  • kali temple
  • toy train